If you wish to make an enquiry regarding a new build house or barn conversion, please do not hesitate to contact us via the website, email address or by contacting our office. We can discuss the service we offer for new build homes so that it is tailored to your needs and how it may suit your budget. Here are some examples of designs we can offer. Bespoke design service for contemporary or traditional styles can also be considered. Almost anything is possible with the right budget and imagination.

 The Inkpen - Approximate new build cost £500,000 - approx. GEA size  2700 sqft .

Completed in September 2014

 The Hermitage - Approximate new build cost £350,000 Approx. GEA size 2300sqft.

Completed in December 2015

 The Aston - Four 2 no. bed Flats Approximate new build cost £600,000 Approx. GEA size 3750sqft.

Completed in June 2015

 The Woolton - Approximate new build cost £550,000 - approx. size 3000 sqft

Figures are based on March 2015 Build Costs only (excludes site value)  are approximate and subject to market and product cost/price fluctuations.

Each design is subject to site restrictions, sustainability requirements, planning and building requirements, final specification details.

 May exclude all consultant fees required to complete the project. All designs shown are copyright of Michael Pagliaroli Architects Limited February 2011